Monday, 18 April 2016

Celtic Christianity Tour - May 3-19 2016


Many years ago I planned a tour to Ireland but unfortunately due to circumstances at the time it was cancelled.   However, as I planned the tour I found myself increasingly drawn to Celtic spirituality and my heart connected with its wisdom and perceptive awareness of experiencing the world through all the senses.  The Celts understood themselves to be intimately connected with all of creation and especially with the environment that surrounded them.  They held a special reverence for creation and they felt a profound sense of belonging to nature, to the cosmos, to God, and to each other.  Through incantations, blessings and prayers the Celts honored their relationships with each other and with all the living world. 

Soon we will embark together on a tour of Ireland and have the amazing opportunity to experience the Emerald Island and come to appreciate the world in which the Celts lived.  We will come to appreciate why the Celts held such great affection for the land and its wondrous landscapes.  It is a land of deep spiritual meaning.  We will have the opportunity to experience the spirituality of “thin spaces.” Thin spaces were believed to be sacred places where the Celts felt the mysterious and profound connection between the material and spiritual.                                                 Rev Peggy McDonagh

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