Monday, 2 May 2016

Looking forward to our Irish adventure

May 2, 2016

Tomorrow, May 3 at around 1:15 pm the plane will take off from the airport here in Calgary and head toward Toronto.  On board will be 20 members of the McDonagh 2016 tour to Ireland.  We are identified by our Rostad name tags and Kathryn and I, the hosts, wear quite fashionable vests with the Rostad logo so the people on the tour recognize us. 

This trip to Ireland is finally happening.  I have been wanting to visit Ireland for a very long time and had planned a tour many years ago but it had been  cancelled for lack of numbers.  It was to occur the November following the September terror events.  I imagine people were reluctant to travel. 

On Wednesday we will touch down on the Emerald Island and go on a panoramic Dublin City tour.  We will travel down O'Connell Streets with is monuments, view the exterior of the Customs House and the Old Parliament building, and take in many other such sights.  We then head to the Guinness Storehouse for a self-guided tour and regular tasting of 'you know what.'  After a wondering lunch at the Storehouse will head to the Camden Court Hotel for check in and a much needed rest. 

Thus will begin our adventure.....stay tuned for more.

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