Saturday, 14 May 2016

May 14 2016. Walled City of Derry

 Two statues stand on either side of a road. The name "two hands across the divide". The road is the supposed boundry between the Republic and Northern Ireland. But often it is hard to sure of the exact border.   The two countries have a long history of conflict and unrest to say the least.  There is just too much history but I must say I was enamoured by Derry and the story of the walled city.  We walked the wall as out tour guide told the story.  The walled was built in the 16 hundreds to protect the people.  There are four gates and three bridges. Mother beautiful peace bridge built on 2013 is a testiment of a people hoping to put behind them violence and conflict and live in peace.  The following pictures include the great bell tower, some portions of the wall, views of the city from the wall and out group.


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